A Play on Words

A Play on Words
by Brian Dykstra

59E59 Theaters,
Amercias Off-Broadway
The Kitchen Theatre Company

"'Waiting for Godot'
'Who's on First?'
Diverting and Clever!"

- New York Times

photos by Dave Burbank

A Play on Words

"It goes great places!
Both performers deliver the material wisely and well, and helmer Margarett Perry keeps the tone light, but the lightness is mostly a counterpoint to Dykstra's bleak assessment. It's a grim play with a happy face, and when it really gets down to business, it makes an uncomfortable amount of sense."

- Variety

A Play on Words

"This is a very funny play!
A Play on Words is about everything... Godot is conjured by the two-guys-in-a-void setup, but the void, rendered brilliantly by director Margarett Perry, turns out to be a suburban backyard filled with kids' playground equipment...Dykstra and Boyett give impeccable performances."

- NYTheatre.com
(Pick of the Week)

A Play on Words

"It's a wild ride. Director Margarett Perry makes full use of the playground, bouncing her boys around the set. And Boyett and Dykstra deliver fast pitches, slow balls, line drives, bunts and all manner of base-stealing. Let's put it this way: if a great sports contest could be waged with words, Dykstra, Boyett and Perry would be in the majors."

- Tompkins Weekly

"Nonstop Laughter!
Ferociously Witty!
Each second is
brilliantly staged.....
A gripping experience
from start to finish."

- The Ithacan

"Corrosively funny!
A loony, lovable
paean to absurdism."

- Backstage (Critics Pick)

A Play on Words

"Waiting for Godot...
The Odd Couple..
Punch and Judy...
David Mamet...
Tom Stoppard...
classic Abbott and Costello...
vintage George Carlin...
the Ralph Kramden-Ed Norton playbook."

- Syracuse New Times