Clean Alternatives Margarett Perry

Clean Alternatives
by Brian Dykstra
at The Kitchen Theatre Company

“An exhilarating revival at the Kitchen Theatre. It will make you laugh, think and hope. Each exciting pivot of this whirlwind production is plotted with exactitude by director Margarett Perry.”

 -Ithaca Times



Clean Alternatives

“"Much of Dykstra’s work combines a certain misanthropic fatalism and rage with a steel spine of hope. His voice is urgent, but not in the end, didactic. If he has a model it is neither Stoppard, nor Mamet (the business macho aside), but George Bernard Shaw, the great fashioner of the comic theatrical dialectic. Every character gets a convincing argument. And the triumphant male gets hoisted on his petard by the savvy female."



Clean Alternatives

Zen and Capitalism collide as CLEAN ALTERNATIVES very poignantly addresses the perils of living in a society that pushes its inhabitants to seek power through increasing wealth. It empowers its audience to seek truth through trust of the present moment, and that which is not clear to us. We should not heed the siren song of the Almighty Dollar, but rather should taste the straw- berry on the branch in front of us, simply remarking upon its sweet avor.

- Tompkins Weekly