Confessions of Old Lady #2

Confessions of Old Lady #2

St. James Theatre, London
Don’t Tell Mama, NYC
Paradise in the Vault, Edinburgh
NY Fringe Festival


"Youth doesn't get the last word. Joan Shepard, 79, takes on the best of them. The songs are sharp, the mood fondly mocking. Lenny Bruce hired her out of a doomed girl group called the Harlenquintette, and you can see why."

Joan Shepard - The Times


God of Carnage

“Let me put it to you this way: if you miss the chance to see Joan Shepard's Confessions of Old Lady # 2, not only will you deprive yourself of an utterly delightful hour of theater, you will, much more direly, miss the chance to experience an incredible piece of oral theater history, hearkening back to the grand old days of the theater, straight from a woman who lived them all. The piece is directed by Margarett Perry who smartly works here with a light touch, allowing us to experience the simplicity and intimacy of this wonderful, funny-as-hell "old lady" telling us her stories. Perry also helpfully incorporates photo projections, helping to bring to our minds the many luminaries Shepard encounters on her yellow brick road.”
– NY Theatre