Half Moon Bay
world premiere by John Jiler
Nylon Fusion, New Ohio Theatre

“…Director Margarett Perry embraces pure theatricality to tell it. Tom narrates the show, sometimes literally talking directly to the audience. Slight shifts of lighting tell us of time passage or new scenarios. Two moments on stage happen at once inside the same playing area. It's a gorgeous, creative gamble that truly pays off.”

- Artswire Weekly

“Under Margarett Perry’s careful direction, Half Moon Bay, challenges an audience to try and decipher Richie’s infatuation with Alicia and what type of relationship he wants with her.”

- Theaterscene.net

Half Moon Bay is quick and concise and makes its point with almost no hammering. It’s cleanly directed by Margarett Perry, and very well acted by the entire company.”

-  The Front Row Center