HO! Margarett Perry

By Brian Dykstra
Kitchen Theater Company
The Drilling Company Theatre, NYC

"Santaland Diaries move over; there's another seasonal satire on the Christmas stage!"

- Ithaca Journal



"As if from through the chimney, he appears on stage - legs thrown casually over the side of an armchair, wearing a shirt reading "Who's your Santa?" and a stocking cap to match. Through an array of different voices and lively direction from oft-collaborator Margarett Perry, Dykstra engages the audience like any seasoned storyteller. He paints a portrait of stunning detail...Touching in its honesty and simplicity...Perhaps most impressive is his shift from the winking social critic his reputation has earned for him to earnest heart-on-his-sleeve sentimentalist."

- Ithaca Times

HO! "Secular Christmas stories usually turn on fantasy with a subtext. Could be that anthropomorphic snowman, the flying arctic creature with the glowing proboscis or the Ghost of Christmas Past. In most cases, the leap into the unreal is the pretext for the promotion of generosity and benevolence, all praiseworthy virtues admired by most religions. Brian Dykstra, the internationally known playwright and wordsmith, has different themes on his mind. He's more concerned about the bullying forces that ruin the fun and those who find themselves disappointed at year's end. Like other fantasists, however, Dykstra wants to draw you into his narrative thread and make you smile."
- Syracuse New Times

"Santa's World is as dazzling as a set of blinking Christmas lights! The mood shifts in A Christmas Tree Story, an urban myth about Sammy the Vermont pine. He has waited his entire life to be the perfect Christmas tree, and the unexpected turns in this deceptively simple tale has the makings of a memorable, oft-recited, Christmas tale."

- Flavorpill, Critics Pick