One Slight Hitch
by Lewis Black
Human Race Theatre Company

“For some it’s customary to always cry at weddings, but everyone (even the cold hearted), should bring some tissues for One Slight Hitch as uncontrollable tears of laughter are certain to occur.”


“There's terrific chemistry among the seven-member cast, especially between Brian Dykstra as Doc and Rita Rehn. The audience delights in the uncovering of the couple's relationship, both literally and metaphorically, and discovering why their daughters have turned out the way they are.”

-  Dayton Daily News

“Director Perry talks about the art of directing comedy. “It’s hard,” she said. “You can’t push people. It has to be human, a felt experience. The universality has to be recognizable, while the point of view is unique. My job is to create an atmosphere where the actors can explore. I love actors; they’re creative. It took plenty of her creativity and planning to synchronize, down to the second, the timing of hiding Ryan, shielding Mom and avoiding Harper’s parents.”

- Dayton City Paper



“Hot and firing on all cylinders!”

- Dayton Daily News

“You’ll laugh until you cry!.”