Cock Kitchen Theatre Company

Other Desert Cities
by Jon Robin Baitz
The Human Race Theatre Company

“From fast-paced, clever family snipping to soul-shaking depths, Director Margarett Perry and her superb five-actor ensemble bring Other Desert Cities to the Human Race. She has directed with imagination, building seemingly natural scenes that are, in fact, quite theatrical.”

- Dayton City Paper

Cock Kitchen Theatre Company

“Theatre magic! The play was a mesmerizing experience. A solid triumph. Bravi to all.”

- Oakland Register

Cock Kitchen Theatre Company

“An exceptionally domineering Kate Young and admirable Scott Stoney compatibly blend as the core couple whose scorn sets the action in motion, far more noticeable as a driving force here than the original Broadway production. Young and Stoney memorably partnered under Perry’s direction nine years ago in the Human Race’s splendid local premiere of “The Retreat from Moscow” (Young’s electrifying portrayal of a rejected wife remains among the best I have seen on a local stage) and their welcomed reunion is long overdue.”

- Dayton Most Metro