Brian Dykstra SELLING OUT

Brian Dykstra SELLING OUT
Written and Performed by
Brian Dykstra

2013 Top Ten L.A. Theatre Productions
Huffington Post

Barrow Street Theatre, NYC
Whitefire Theatre, Los Angeles
Dorset Theatre Festival, VT
Mark Twain House, Hartford
Playroom Theatre, NYC
Franklin & Marshall College, PA
Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca

“Brian Dykstra is a master of language, absurd flights of fancy and raw, unbridled emotion and director Margarett Perry gets the best out of him. A visiting production from a New York performer who must be seen to be believed.”
- Huffington Post

Brian Dykstra: Selling Out

“The show’s stunning set, dynamically designed and dramatically lit by David Arsenault, signals the critique. A backdrop of splayed boards angling and extending across the floor is Old Glory’s stripes, while the blue star-field is skewed and lit like a marquee. A musical build-up unrolls (Don Tindall, sound) and Dykstra emerges, like a talk-show host beginning his routine. He wears comfortable clothes and costumer Lisa Boquist’s cream jacket painted with multicolor designs: a postmodern jester with license to critique the status quo-- speak truth to power.”

– Ithaca Journal

Brian Dykstra: Selling Out

“Dykstra stalks the stage between an end table piled high with magazines and newspapers and a filing cabinet filled with material printed off the Internet, digging alternately into these two troves of information and then sharing his research with the audience in his manic, pop-eyed profane and yet hyper-articulate way. As he summed up point after point with a particularly ferocious line, there were actual murmurs from audience members that amounted to the secular humanist equivalent of ‘amen.’”

– Ithaca Times

Brian Dykstra: Selling Out

“The balance he finds in delivering his material while remaining eloquent, warm and inclusive obviously comes from warm natural depths as well as a honed delivery. Though it provokes self-examination by design, his A-plus entertainment scours the ear and soul clean.”

- The Hollywood Times