Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily
by Katie Forgette
The Dorset Theatre Festival

“Simply delicious describes perfectly the comedy in the Dorset Theatre Festival’s ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lilly’…What makes this all work is Dorset’s taut and sophisticated production that takes you to late-19th century London and doesn’t let you alone for a moment. You simply remain on edge — when you’re not laughing.”

- Rutland Herald


“This cast worked as an ensemble, seamlessly facilitating this witty storytelling… Dorset’s “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lilly” lays waste the claim that theater must be silly schlock to be delightful light summer entertainment. This was fun.”

- Times Argus

“It's about as intelligent, fanciful, and witty a Holmes as you can find on the stage anywhere this summer… and Ms. Perry's players carried it out masterfully.”

-  Manchester Journal

“As Sherlockians, Bob and I see as many plays about Holmes as we can. Over the years, the Dorset Theatre Festival and the Dorset Players have presented some fine Sherlockian productions, as have The Williamstown Theatre and other theatres in this area… Both this play and this production are among the best we have seen. Well acted and well directed, the play incorporates some set pieces from the Canon effectively. Crucial to any production are the concept and presentation of Holmes, Watson and Moriarty. If they are not right, then forget the rest. In this particular case, they are all in top form.”

- More Theatre Talk



“The Dorset production was beautifully choreographed by director Maragarett Perry, fast-paced, attractive and beautifully cast and set.”

-Rutland Herald