by Brian Dykstra
(world premiere)
Kitchen Theatre Company

"Director Margarett Perry's vision is perceptive and her cast dazzling. The play at every moment is about real people, real emotions, real strains in the human fabric that arise from and yet transcend racial and class differences. An intense portrait of love and betrayal in a compromised society."

- Ithaca Journal

Strangerhorse "A powderkeg. Viewers perch on the edge of their seats. Every tense exchange has the potential to explode; each mundane interaction may escalate. Strangerhorse takes a basketful of hot-button issues - homophobia, xenophobia, racism, sexual violence, exploitation, and the plight of Native Americans - and lets all their evil little vectors collide in the intimate (and increasingly claustrophobic) space of the Kitchen Theatre. The electrified fence pens in spectator and cast alike, and suggests that we all are a bit racist, all a bit homophobic, that we don't trust enough, that we can't love as fully as we ought."
- Ithaca Times

"As with last year's Clean Alternatives, director Margarett Perry has the authoritative touch, galloping with the author's characteristic velocity while retaining a tight rein to navigate switches in tone. A cast this excellent could have opened Strangerhorse at any major venue --New York City, London, Edinburgh --but attachment to the Kitchen Theatre brought them to Ithaca."

- Syracuse New Times